Bad Dentistry - Part 3

By Judy Fishman

Posted Aug 08, 2013 in Publisher's Page

  • I'm curious to know if you are familiar with the treatment options that may have been available to me at this point.

  • Curt Morgese, CDT · Owner/Ceramist at Oral Renaissance Dental Lab

    Thank you Judy for being brave enough to bring this article to LMT. I also believe that you are a victim of what Dan and I refer to as "The Dark Side." Unknowing patients are trusting their dentist a little too much. Just as in the new medical era where we as patients must do our homework before we place blind trust in our doctors. We need to SCREAM the same about our dentists and new procedures! An educated consumer is a good consumer does NOT only apply to clothing!

  • Daniel J. O'Rourke, CDT · Owner/President at O'Rourke Dental Studio


    I have been shouting about this type of dentistry ( THE DARK SIDE) for years and very few want to hear it……..WHY????? You don't need me to answer that, you already know the truth!

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