Bad Dentistry

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  • Bad Dentistry - Part 1
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 2 minute read

    Sometimes one poor decision turns a routine restoration into an expensive, time-consuming series of additional procedures and discomfort. I think there were two poor decisions made in my case. Check one for the practitioner and one for me. This is my story and it pretty much dominated my summer.

  • Bad Dentistry - Part 2
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 2 minute read

    Lately, I’d noticed some pain when chewing, but I wasn’t sure whether it was coming from that tooth or the opposing PFM crown. Though #19 had a root canal [the one from LMT’s second crown experiment, 1987], there was a chance that the tooth had cracked.

  • Bad Dentistry - Part 3
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 2 minute read

    April 2013 Decision day. I went in to have the filling removed to see what was left of the tooth. Even this standard procedure is one that separates excellent dentists from just okay dentists. Unfortunately, this dentist is "just okay." After the decision was made, I learned that there were several things she might have been able to do to better stabilize this tooth. But none of these things were on the table. Take another look at the X-ray. [And, by the way, take a look at the bitewing to note...

  • Bad Dentistry - Part 4
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 4 minute read

    The Night of June 6 A bunch of us were sitting around the fire pit on my patio, protected from the rain by a covered pergola. It was a Thursday night. We—LMT staff members, Andy and I—were enjoying our visitors from the Chicago LAB DAY setup team. Without warning, my laughter was replaced with a yelp; what started as a low-grade ache suddenly turned into a searing pain in my mouth. I knew in that instant that #14 was saying it's time for that root canal procedure. But we still had...

  • Bad Dentistry - Part 5
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 3 minute read

    After the Fall After finally finding my fallen crown, I gently ran my tongue across the prepped area. It felt like a wizard's hat: thin, tall and pointy. We headed for home but made a stop for lunch along the way. That's when the wizard's hat came loose. I now held it in my hand. It didn't look or feel like a piece of my tooth. I stashed it in the plastic bag that held my crown and called my once husband/dentist Rob. Since my appointment with the prosthodontist was over a week away, he said,...

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  • Bad Dentistry - Part 6
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Aug 2013 · 2 minute read

    The following week, the prosthodontist confirmed that, indeed, the next step would be the crown lengthening procedure followed by six weeks of healing time before he would insert a post to further support the crown. And, as Bill Mrazek, CDT, recommended, the best restoration in this case, would be a PFM. He and his office are the cat's meow when it comes to professionalism and patient care and I'm fortunate to become their patient. The periodontist he recommended was the same one I'd already called...

  • Bad Dentistry UNDONE — Part 7
    Judy Fishman · Bad Dentistry · Sep 2013 · 2 minute read

    This week I was scheduled to have two posts placed in my crown-lengthened tooth. That didn't happen. Instead of feeling no pain in the tooth, it became increasingly sensitive to pressure. Then, a few weeks ago, I couldn't tolerate anything cold in that quadrant of my mouth. So I went to see the prosthodontist who tapped the teeth in the area. The cold sensitivity was coming from #15, not #14 and he thought it would go away. It did. But he also acknowledged that #14 should not be sensitive to...

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