Atlantis Abutments Offer Solutions to Failing Root Canals and Periodontically Involved Teeth

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Jun 2007

  • Figure 3: Titanium abutments were fabricated for the healing phase.

  • Figure 4: Note gray shadow particularly on teeth #7 and 9.

  • Figure 5: Atlantis Abutments in Zirconia exactly follow tissue contours and support tissue for final restorations.

  • Figure 1: Pretreatment X-ray of 47-year-old female patient.

  • Figure 6: After: the patient was ecstatic with both the final esthetic results and the number of appointments—just six—needed to complete her full-arch restoration.

  • Figure 2: Atlantis VAD software fills the spaces with virtual ideal restorations.