How to Fabricate An Esthetic Porcelain- To-Titanium Restoration

Luke Kahng, CDT · Technical · Jan 2012

  • Figure 1 Kahng scanned the model using the NobelProcera scanner, designed the three-unit titanium bridge and sent the file to Nobel Biocare’s centralized milling center in New Jersey.

  • Figure 2 Two days later, Kahng received the milled titanium framework and prepared it for porcelain application. He ground the copings using a Komet carbide bur especially designed for titanium; for best results, grind the coping in one direction only.

  • Figure 3 Next, he sandblasted the inside of each coping on the framework.

  • Figure 4 Kahng placed the framework in an ultrasonic machine with distilled water for five minutes.

  • Figure 5 Top: Before applying the opaque, Kahng used GC’s Initial Porcelain Tiâ„¢ Bonder kit to apply a thin layer of the titanium bonder to the framework. The bonding material is important—it makes all the difference between a well-bonded restoration and one that doesn’t bond at all. Bottom: The framework after firing and sandblasting.

  • Figure 6 Left: The GC Initialâ„¢ Titanium opaque powder for mixing. Top right: The framework after the first opaque application, firing and sandblasting. Bottom right: The framework after the second opaque application, firing and sandblasting.

  • Figure 7 The framework after Kahng applied regular dentin powder (D-C3 Ti).

  • Figure 8 The framework after the enamel layering application of GC Initial Titanium porcelain, Translucency Opal.

  • Figure 9 The bridge after the dentin and enamel layers are applied and fired.

  • Figure 10 The bridge after the second buildup

  • Figure 11 The bridge after the layering of enamel modification.

  • Figure 12 The final restoration demonstrates the esthetics of porcelain layering over titanium.

  • For More Information GC Initial™ Titanium porcelain powder is available in a full range of colors. For more information, call GC America at 708-597-0900 or 800-323-7063 or visit For details on the NobelProcera scanner, contact Nobel Biocare at 800-993-8100 or visit

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