Prismatik ThinPress From Glidewell Direct

LMT Communications, Inc. · Technical · Sep 2005

  • Figure 6: After: The bonded veneers

  • Figure 2: Prismatik ThinPress no-prep veneers can be pressed as thin as .3mm.

  • Figure 3: The carefully waxed patterns show the final shape of the veneers on teeth #8-9.

  • Figure 4: Lam was particularly careful during the divesting process since sandblasting ceramic of such thin dimensions can be difficult.

  • Figure 1: Before: A 29-year-old male patient with a dental phobia presented with a large midline diastema, a diastema distal to each lateral incisor, several misaligned teeth and a negative buccal corridor space.

  • Figure 5: Lam finished contouring the restorations and glazed and polished them to a high shine.