Titanium: Standardized Techniques For Success

Tim Tyndall, CDT · Technical · Sep 2012

  • Photo 1
    A properly fired CL-W tab is clear and retains sharp edges.

  • Photo 2
    There’s no limit to the size of the case you can mill in titanium; shown here, a 14-unit bridge.

  • Photo 3
    Finish down sprue sites with titanium carbide cutters.

  • Photo 4
    Never exceed 2.5 bars or 35 PSI of pressure when blasting.

  • Photo 5
    Properly fired bonder surface is dark and shiny.

  • Photo 6
    Apply various porcelains and modifiers to achieve your desired esthetics.

  • Photo 7
    The restorations after contouring and glazing.