How are you managing precious metal costs?

Jim Thacker · November 23, 2011

    Jim Thacker

    Vice President at Utah Valley Dental Lab/UVDL

We've done our best to order smaller lots and send in scrap more frequently to minimize our exposure and risk to price fluctuations. With the price setting on the second London fix, we order alloy only on days the market is "up" and delay orders when the market is "down" and allow the lower price to "fix" at the lower rate. Since we "flat fee" our metal-based crowns, we monitor the markets very closely and adjust our fees in $5 increments. Mostly however, we use pricing strategies to steer our dentists to more profitable monolithic restorations such as e.max Press or full zirconia. Its our goal to use as little alloy as possible in our restorations with the development of modern materials, we see metal being necessary in less than 15% of what we do.
Posted to How are you managing precious metal costs? November 23, 2011