Build Relationships is our growing interactive network exclusively for the dental laboratory industry and the place to connect with over 18,000 lab owners, managers, technicians and other industry personnel.

"A Facebook-like site for lab techs . . . brilliant!"

Victor Nin · Dental Lab Tech, Crown & Bridge Manager/Technician at West Palm Beach VAMC

The Whole Industry In One Place is LAB DAY 24/7!

LMT's website is a powerful online community of decision makers who come for industry-specific information. Designed with social at the core, everything is inter-connected, allowing people to effortlessly find and talk with peers, share ideas and techniques, register for LAB DAY and its seminars, read articles, ask questions, like and review products and more.

A Vendor Page enables your company to join conversations around your brand, products, news, events and anything else you like by enabling you to create a variety of pages around which people can engage. Your Page then aggregates and displays all your content in one place, infused with the conversation of the industry.

Join Our Vendor VIP* Program Now! offers a growing number of ways to engage with new and existing customers.

  • Products & Services

    Upload your product catalog. Link your products to topics users already follow. Enable an interactive wall allowing people to review, comment and ask questions.

  • Newsbriefs

    Post news items of product releases, upcoming events and more. Industry personnel will be able to comment, ask questions and share the news to others.

  • Events & Courses

    Post all your upcoming courses and events and link directly to your site and/or where people can purchase tickets. Grow a sub-community of attendees.

  • Posts & Forums

    Start a forum to curate ongoing conversation about a particular theme or topic. Users who follow the room will be notified of new posts.

  • Photos & Video Links

    Post photos of your products, events and life at your company. Encourage customers to do the same and tag you and/or your products.

  • Staff + Followers

    Involve your company staff. Follow and be followed by industry personnel around the world. They'll be notified of your updates when they sign in.

  • LAB DAY Seminars

    Active vendors have active seminar pages at our LAB DAY shows allowing you and educators you involve to converse with interested participants.

  • LMT Articles

    Your Vendor Page will automatically display all LMT articles in which you've been featured and be subscribed to new reader comments and questions.

  • Topics

    When users join the site and complete their profiles, they subscribe themselves to a variety of industry topics that you can post to.

*Very Integrated Participation

Promote Your Content

Support your presence with strategically placed ads

Drive buyers directly to your vendor, product, event or other page with a supplementary web ad displayed around Promoting your content increases your visibility and drives new followers who stay in the loop of your related updates.

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