Imetric 3D SA

2950 Courgenay, Switzerland

Swiss 3D scanning systems

Imetric 3D SA is a leading supplier of 3D scanning systems with its headquarters located in Courgenay Switzerland's County of Jura. The company started as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in 1992. The first products were for industrial metrology. Based on the comprehensive knowledge of its' founder, Dr. sc. techn. ETH Horst Beyer, Imetric has developed its own line of scanning solutions which combine the technologies of photogrammetry and structured white light to obtain the most accurate measurements.

Imetric developed a number of unique systems including a camera with an integrated computer with a repeatability of 0.008 mm over 10 m in 1997. Many of them were developed in collaboration with industry partners. In 2006, Imetric started to focus on the development of scanners for dental applications within the dental CAD/CAM workflow.

Based on the same technologies as Imetric’s industrial solutions, the company’s devices used by dental technicians and dentists worldwide are proven to produce highest quality 3D data. Today, customized and standard solutions are manufactured for OEM partners and end-users. Imetric is continuously working on next generation technologies for dental, medical, and industrial applications.