Strategy Milling

Leetsdale, PA

Strategy Milling© is your only source for milled full contour gold crowns and bridges proudly made entirely in the USA.

Powered by Atlantic Precious Metal Refining (Atlantic) and using Röders RXD5 mills, Strategy Milling© produces milled full contour gold crowns and bridges superior in quality to restorations manufactured using the lost wax and cast method. Armed with a dental pedigree worthy of the challenge, the owners of Strategy Milling© developed a proprietary process for producing virtually porosity free gold alloy pucks that are milled into high quality, stunning restorations with outstanding milled accuracy requiring minimal finishing and polishing. Lab technicians and dentists agree—a gold restoration is ideal for posterior cases and best for the patient because of marginal integrity, non-antagonistic properties, biocompatibility, and track record. After nearly two years of research and development, Strategy Milling© now offers you the only direct CAD-CAM milled full contour gold crowns and bridges proudly made entirely in the USA. These innovative milled full contour gold restorations: • Eliminate the need for onsite alloy inventory • Ship within 24 hours of order receipt (in by noon, out the next business day) • Reduce labor hours dedicated to waxing, spruing, investing, and more • Boast exceptional milling accuracy • Require minimal despruing, finishing, and polishing • Generate minimal alloy scrap Strategy Milling© manufactures cost effective noble and high noble gold crowns and bridges with the accuracy that digital files, high end milling machines, and the innovation of a product never before available in the industry provide.