Scottsdale, AZ

AvaDent® Digital Denturess Introducing the world's first monolithic (one piece) digital denture. AvaDent Digital Dentures, which includes hybrids and overdentures, are better than conventional dentures due to digital design, automated manufacturing and unique product materials. Already over 50,000 arches produced!

AvaDent Digital Dentures breakthrough, digital CAE/CAD/CAM technology makes all other dentures obsolete. As the world’s only high tech, computer designed and digitally manufactured denture, AvaDent offers a suite of digital dental solutions with a computer-precise fit never before possible, in as little as two appointments!

Further improving quality for denture patients, AvaDent uses patented high-tech materials that are denser than traditionally manufactured dentures. This density produces a stronger product that also resists bacteria growth, reducing sores and “denture breath” that denture patients often encounter.