Productivity Training Corporation (PTC)

Morgan Hill, CA

Ness Academy dental technician courses use our proven learning systems to help new and existing technicians quickly improve their technical ability to prepare for the demands of the new market place. These courses are unique as technicians will not only increase their productivity and quality of work, but they also return with reference materials and tools to reinforce what they have learned. PTC courses are approved for CDT credits. All classes are limited to 12 participants.

James Mahan, CDT is the President and CEO for Productivity Training Corporation. As the principal trainer for the past 10 years he has trained hundreds of laboratory owners, managers and technicians in PTC technology as well as business management fundamentals. As consultant for Ness Consulting International, he has trained dental technicians and owners around the world in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He draws on 40 years of dental laboratory experience as a dental lab owner, manager and dental technician to help laboratory owners establish better control of their business.