MPK Enterprises

Huntington Beach, CA

Supplier of Duplicating Silicone , casting resins , a large selection of moldmaking silicones both platinum and condensation cured and a wide variety on mixing cups and supplies

MPK ENTERPRISES is a supplier of Duplicating Silicone which is packaged in easy to use containers. Our Duplicating Silicone kits come in a variety of sizes  2lb , 4lb , 10lb , 20lb , 40lb and 80lb kits. All sizes are in stock and we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order M-F. We also are able to offer a wide range of silicones both Platinum and Tin cured in Shore A hardness from 5 A thru 80A. As well as silicones we stock polyurethane casting resins , foams and elastomers and offer a variety of casting supplies.Please visit our websites for more information.