San Lazzaro, BO, Italy

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  • Dental CAD

    EGS SRL · Tools / Services

    DentalCAD is EGSolutions complete dental solution targeted at the OEM market. Based on a proprietary, open and easily customizable technology, it ranks at the top of its class for functionality and reliability. Key features...

  • Digital Smile System

    Product (Digital Fabrication) · Digital Fabrication · EGS SRL · Digital Fabrication

    From EGS SRL, Digital Smile System software allows esthetic and functional reconstruction of a patient’s smile. Starting with photographs of the patient’s face, the system performs a series of accurate and mathematically...

  • Dscan Due +

    EGS SRL · Equipment

    Dental Scanner All-In-One The scanner has been developed specifically for the dental industry to satisfy labs need and to enable users to reach the end results faster. Thanks to the new powerful embedded computer is the...