LabStar Software

Los Angeles, CA

Cloud-Based Dental Lab Software. Connecting Everything Dental.

In January 2012, after two and half years of development and beta-testing with a select group of dental labs, we released LabStar to the dental lab community. Our goal is straightforward: provide a new type of web-based dental laboratory software that’s easy-to-use, easy on the wallet, and helps our customers grow.

The most consistent complaint we had heard about lab software was that it was hard to use. We have addressed this head-on by committing to the best user interface and design in the business. How do we do this? By investing not only in the software (4 full-time software engineers) but also in making it easy to use (1 full-time designer).

We also changed the way dental labs pay for software. We link our success to yours with volume-based pricing so that you only pay for what you use. And there are no click fees, license fees, upgrade fees, usage timers, or limitations on users. LabStar is the only dental lab software with “pay-as-go” pricing, an example of our commitment to provide the best software at the best price.