Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

Auburn, WA

America's largest dental zirconia manufacturer and manufacturer of NexxZr T.

Located just south of Seattle in Washington State, USA, Sagemax Bioceramics got its start in 2006 with the simple idea of making quality zirconia at a better price. We have seen an incredible acceptance of our zirconia in the market that has pushed our growth at an amazing rate.

We introduced the super translucent zirconia brand NexxZr T in 2011, and simply through word-of-mouth we have quickly grown into America's largest dental zirconia manufacturer.

We are currently expanding our facilities once again to compensate for our continued growth and can currently produce 30,000 discs per month. Our thorough testing we do on our material as well as our stringent quality control ensures that even with our massive numbers that we produce that the quality remains the same as when we started.