SCHUTZ Dental Group, Inc.

Shelton, CT

Your manufacturer of dental products "Made in Germany"

An attractive appearance is a major factor in our quality of life and beautiful, healthy teeth are a must in modern society. Therefore, aesthetics play a big part in dentistry and the Schütz Dental Group has set its goal in seeking aesthetic excellence alongside medically proven solutions. Lasers and of course, implantology are the superior solution for dental treatmens and are therefore synonymous with the best in modern dentistry.

Perfecty matched systems and materials are vital for such a hightech approach that is fully supported by professionals who combine a sense of moral responsibility with technical expertise and the courage to search for innovative solutions.

The Schütz Dental Group with its specialisms in dental lab products, materials for dentists, lasers and implantology, is one of the world´s leading manufactures od dental products and systems.

The versatility of the company places great responsibilities on its employees but also provides them with challenging opportunities. The Schütz Dental Group is also one of the few companies that covers not only dental lab products, but also dentistry with high quality systems.

Since 1962, our philosophy has been always to offer the customer more than just a good product.