Ibex Dental Technologies

Richardson, TX

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  • APEX Burnout Oven

    Ibex Dental Technologies · Equipment

    The two-side only heating plates in the APEX burnout oven radiate heat more evenly with fewer variances than the oven's 4-plate counterparts, leading to fewer cracked rings. The APEX has a high heat-rate capacity that allows...

  • Summit Porcelain Furnace

    Ibex Dental Technologies · Equipment

    With its Radiance Ring muffle design, the Summit porcelain furnace from IBEX DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES delivers an even, homogenous band of energy within its chamber to provide consistent shade fidelity in fired porcelains. State-of-the-art...

  • Summit Press

    Ibex Dental Technologies · Equipment

    Sharing the same features as the conventional Summit furnace, the Summit Press from IBEX DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES was designed specifically to press e.max® materials. It features an elevated pressing platform to ensure even...

  • SUMMIT Press Furnace

    Product (Furnaces) · Furnaces · Ibex Dental Technologies · Equipment

    Precision Pressings with even the most demanding of materials! The SUMMIT Press is a combination pressing and firing furnace with features that let you focus on your work- not your oven. Combined with the physical design...