3D Systems

Rock Hill, SC

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  • 3D Printing

    3D Systems · Digital Fabrication

    From accurate waxups to a cloud-based 3D printing service from your CT scan data, 3D SYSTEMS provides the systems and services you need to deliver fast yet accurate solutions. Experience the new, desktop ProJet 1200 micro-SLA...

  • ProJet™ DP 3D and ProJet™ MP 3D

    3D Systems · Digital Fabrication

    3D SYSTEMS features two simple-to-operate, in-lab 3D printers. Compatible with most known 3D scanners in the industry, ProJet DP 3D accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision waxups that are castable...

  • 3D Systems Prints Dental Implant Drill Guides

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LMT LAB DAY Insider · LAB DAY · Apr 2014

    3D Systems’ ProJet® 3510 MP 3D printer and proprietary VisiJet® Stoneplast materials have been optimized for dental drill guide production. The printer accepts .stl files and the material...See more

  • 10 Ways to Protect Your Profitability

    Becky Tyre · Management · Nov 2013

    It's a perfect storm heading straight for your bottom line: the economic crisis, new technology, profit erosion, offshore competition and the changing demographics among your dentist-clients...

  • Digital Manufacturing Equipment

    Kelly Fessel Carr · IDS 2013 Offers First Look at Emerging Innovations · Industry News · May 2013

    The proliferation of digital technologies continued to flourish at the IDS, with more and more digital manufacturing solutions that enable users to address a greater number of applications and work with...See more

  • LAB DAY Product Launch: 3D Systems Showcases New Digital Printer and Material

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2012

    3D Systems Showcases New Digital Printer and Material In Chicago, 3D Systems showcased the 2012 model of its ProJet™ MP 3000, an affordable CAD/CAM printer for working models and drill guides. Thanks...See more