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When considering an investment in a CAD/CAM system, astute laboratory owners calculate the production costs as well as the initial expenditure. The ORIGIN line of CAD/CAM mills features the unique Coping-to-Coping Nesting Strategy for disc materials, including zirconia, titanium, and cobalt­ chromium. Compared to the blocks or discs used in most desktop milling systems, this efficient disk utilization equates to some of the lowest material expenses in the industry. The ORIGIN approach offers the freedom and versatility to choose the path of production now and in the future, especially with regard to the current material variety as well as the promise of future materials. The ORIGIN system allows laboratories to focus solely on their highest profit­ generating materials or to take full advantage of the broad spectrum of materials exclusively available with the system. The ability to determine that path is the promise of an open system, but it is only possible with modularization. Modularization brings open architecture several steps further by utilizing technology to take advantage of a variety of needs today, while providing for continued choices tomorrow. Dental laboratories may pick the materials they want to mill now and decide when they want to add new materials based on the demand and their capability to grow. Modularization and upgradability "future-proof" each ORIGIN CAD/CAM system and make it easier for laboratories to settle on their investment because they do not have to make all of their decisions upfront. They decide what they want to do now and then map out the next few steps, confident in the system's flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances. A few key components differentiate the three ORIGIN Mill series from one another. The spindle in the Desktop series is stronger than other comparable mills and is, therefore, able to cut single titanium abutments. However, it is not designed to mill successive substructures from a full-metal disc. The mid-size Pro series and large-size Pro Duo series use even larger spindles, which are capable of continuous metal milling. The dual-disc holder in the Pro Duo series is the only feature separating it from the Pro series. The second disc holder adds even more capacity to the unattended milling capability that all of the mills have. Whether a laboratory owner is looking for a first step into CAD/CAM production or expanding current capabilities, the ORIGIN line of mills presents a compelling option that enables the dental laboratory to evolve with the digital revolution.