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  • James Kash, CDT

    Owner President at Essential Esthetics, INC.

    Mr. Kash is one of the few technicians in the World that has completed, mastered, and received expert neuromuscular training in the LVI program. Undergoing this training to provide his clients...

  • Darrel Clark, CDT

    Owner at Clark Dental Lab

    Darrel Clark, CDT, has been a technician for over 40 years and owns a lab in Weatherford, TX, where he specializes in dental implant restorations. He is a founding member of the North Texas Center for...

  • Michael McDougall, RDT

    President at McDougall Dental Laboratory Ltd.

  • Gregg Meyer, CDT

    President at Amano Dental Laboratory

  • Andrew Gibbs

    Technician at Gibbs Dental Lab

  • Sonnie Bocala, CDT

    Owner at T+S Laboratory

    Sonnie Bocala, CDT, owns and operates T+S Laboratory in La Mesa, CA, specializing in education and appliances for TMJ and Sleep Therapy. He is an active member of the R+D development team for Panthera...

  • Stephen Salmon, CDT

    Owner at Rembrandt Dental Studio

  • Fernando Hernandez Varon, CDT

    Tecnólogo Dental at BDI SAS Biotécnica Dental Integrada

  • Cristian Petri

    Owner at Artchrys

    Cristian Petri earned his degree in Dental Technology in 1999, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He began his apprenticeship in Romania and then worked in several labs in the U.S. and Germany where he specialized...

  • Bob McKinney, CDT

    President at J&B Dental Studio Inc.

    here at J&B dental studio we take pride in our work our motto here is "we make smiles" and that's exactly what we do but not just for patients we also take pride in making our dentists smile as well with...

  • Marcel Fundora

    Dental Ceramist at Mardent Prosthetics Dental Laboratory

    I have transitioned from being a fineart painter, to being a dental ceramist and dental laboratory owner, becoming a dental hygienist in between, and aiming to become a dentist in the near future after...

  • Kurt Meinch

    Owner/Technician at KM Press Dental Ceramics

  • John Cusick

    President at Cusick's Dental Dsign Ltd.

    Love all outdoor activity's and seeing people proud to show off my work with a "SMILE"

  • Jason Bailie

    Owner, Technician at Americas Denture Lab

  • Landon Coats

    CAD Technician at DigiCrowns

    Hey Everyone! I have been in the dental tech field for over 10 years, mainly focusing on implants and CAD/CAM. My lab DigiCrowns is a completely digital business, I design crowns, implant abutments, and bars for other Labs.

  • Allan Chu, RDT

    President at Oral Ceramics Dental Laboratory

  • Matt Haugan

    Technician at Freedom Dental Arts

  • Anthony Zamora

    Co-Owner at European Chrome Dental Lab llc

  • Jarred Caputo

    Owner at Caputo Dental Lab

    Caputo Lab is a family owned dental laboratory group providing you with a full range of removable dental restorations using the latest advanced dental technology. At Caputo Lab Inc. our goal is to deliver...

  • Jay Collins

    Owner at Cornerstone Dental Lab

    Cornerstone Dental Labs consistently services all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. While we are located in the tri-state area, we do have many nation-wide clients.

  • Sullivan Heward

    Owner at Ikon Dental Lab

    Love family friends outdoors!

  • Frank Kogel

    Owner at Kogel Dental Lab

    Frank Kogel, owner and master ceramist has 44 years in the dental laboratory field. He has also created "Kogelglaze" a superior porcelain polishing compound that polishes ceramics in seconds.

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  • Dmitriy Tarverdoff, CDT

    Works at Dmitriy's Dental Studio

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  • Erik MacDaniels, CDT

    Owner at eDent Solutions

  • Josu Gabancho

    CEO at Adana Dental Lab

  • Frank Pierce

    Owner at Pacific Dentalworks

    Dental Tech/lab owner for 44 years

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  • Mike Hammond

    Owner at Treasure Dental Lab

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  • Bill Marais, RDT

    Owner at Disa Dental Studio

    Bill Marais, RDT, DTG, is the Owner of Disa Dental Studio, Portland, OR, a one-man lab focusing on high-end, complex, combination cases. He has continued his education by attending numerous workshops and...

  • Beth Kotewa, CDT

    Owner at River City Dental Studio

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  • Justin Hunter

    Owner/Technician at Innodent Dental Lab

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