Randy Hill

Ceramist at Satori Ceramics

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A continual student. Never too old to learn. Very direct. When you expect the best out of me, I'll demand you give me your best. If the two meet and it works, so be it.

In dentistry now 42 yrs., and still learning.  I'm slowly making the transition to digital, and now have the Exocad system.  I am also a small "boutique" lab, for lack of a better word.  I prefer to keep a smaller client base and not try to be everything to everybody all the time.

I had one of the richest men on the planet tell me directly one time:  "Some will, Some won't, so what, NEXT!  I keep pushing forward, always trying to do my best.  I'm past getting angry, I Press ON!

This business can take the best out of a person, and you have to love it to remain.  With 6 college degrees, including a PhD, I remain a dental technician.  It has offered me the opportunity to study a variety of subjects, get my pilot's license and fly to many destinations I otherwise would've missed.  We need to be more than dental technicians to define our lives, and I see all too often where it consumes some.  Are you working to live or living to work?

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