Paul Raskin, DDS

Owner/Head Technician at Neubite Denture Center and Laboratory

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Developing instruments and techniques that simplify the art and science of removable prosthetic care.

I have been an Army dentist, a general dentist in private practice, an assistant professor of dentistry in U.C. Davis School of Medicine and Chief of Dentistry in the U.C. Davis Medical Center and back again to private practice. Thirty-three years ago, I sold my general practice, limited my practice to dentures only, and embarked on a mission of making removable prosthetics understandable, predictable and easy for the dentist and for the laboratory. Using instruments that I developed for the purpose, all the necessary clinical information is gathered in a single brief appointment with the patient. The laboratory receives a precise record of where the teeth need to be set. Then, instead of setting individual pre- manufactured denture teeth, we set our cases up using thermoplastic patterns, investing them and packing tooth material and base material in the same mold at the same time. The result is a product that patients love. Because no denture teeth are used, the typical denture look is avoided. Our smiles look like beautifully restored natural teeth, just what patients think teeth ought to look like. I have taught other dentist to use our technology and am interested in further promotion among dentists and laboratory technicians.