Omomi Wada, CDT

CEO at Wada Precision Dental Laboratories CO., LTD.

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・Born in 1963, Osaka Japan ・Yukioka Medical Treatment Technique Special School Dental Technology, graduated in 1986 ・Kansai University Faculty of Sociology, graduated in 1987 ・Started at WADA PDL since 1988 ・Shanghai Second Medical University, School of Stomatology, studied as a trainee in 1989-1990

Wada Precision Dental Laboratories CO., LTD. is facing a real challenge to provide people with dentures being of high quality made by advanced technologies which could give "MOUTHAPPINESS" to people. The word "MOUTHAPPINESS" means 'the fortune of the mouth'. It is said that eating delicious foods is the first rank in a happy life and the ability to do it is showing the health situation of whole body in oriental culture, therefore, doing our best to make contribution to the longevity society with the health teeth which could give "MOUTHAPPINESS" to people is our finally destination. Here, I would like to say thanks and appreciation to those specialists, dentists and people who gave and are giving us great helps and cooperation's, and also we are looking forwards to much more permanent supports for realizing the same wonderful ideal for people, for health and for "MOUTHAPPINESS".