Jay Ji

Marketing at Progressive Smile Dental Lab

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I handle the sales and marketing for Progressive Smile Dental Lab which specializes in dentures and ortho.

I love marketing, business, and helping people realize their greater potential. Let me briefly explain how I go into this industry. Originally, after finishing design school I owned a series of different business across a variety of industries over the last 15 years. Just as most business owners, I wore every single hat of my companies at one time or another, even the ones that I knew where not the best use of my time. I soon learned that one thing that always stays constant across all types of business is marketing principles. Marketing is the ultimate leverage in any business. After selling my last business I started marketing consulting for a few friends that either were in business or starting out in business. Enter: my cousin the dental tech. My cousin who had just graduated and wanted to start his own lab which we turned into a profitable business in only 3 months of opening through aggressive multi-channel direct marketing. Through a series of referrals, I ended up consulting for 5 clients in the dental tech field. And have since decided to dedicate my consulting to this growing and highly competitive industry. There are 2 main problems I see with most lab owners: 1. Many lab owners only work in the business and not on the business,; so they have no strategic plan for growth. 2. There are very little resources for the dental lab owner to use for their marketing specific to this industry. I have been able to translate many tactics used in other industries to the dental tech field. It is an ongoing process, but one that is continually improving through research, trial and error, and proven successful strategies. Please feel free to contact me to talk marketing, business, or the science of success. Cheers, Jay