Erin Popov, RDT/CDT

Instructor & Clinical Coordinator at Durham Technical Community College

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An art major that found her way into dental laboratory technology and now shares her knowledge to the newest generations.

I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with concentrations on ceramics and jewelry. After graduation and many part time jobs later, I decided to go back to school. This was due to the interest of a job posting that I had found about a dental technician. I moved to Durham to attend Durham Technical Community College since it was the only accredited school in N.C. offering a degree in dental technology. I enjoyed everything about it and went on to pass my Registerd Graduated Exam. I was even fortunate to be offered a job with my internship after graduation. I happiily worked there for almost two years but then I was offered an opportunity I just could not pass up. I was asked to apply to Durham Tech for a teaching position in dental technology! I was always interested in teaching and before the opportunity passed I applied. I succeeded and now I teach at the very school that gave me the wonderful opportunity to be in the dental laboratory field.