Paul Ruzicka, CDT

Owner/President at Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Laboratories

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As owner of Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Lab, Paul oversees the day to day operations of the lab while spending most of his time consulting with doctors and designing orthodontic appliances.

 Since 1949, Ordont Orthodontic Lab has served the orthodontic appliance needs of thousands of general practitioners. Orthodontics continues to be our only service to the dental profession.

Our orthodontic appliance solutions are designed to your exact specifications and customized to meet the needs of your patient. We include a full range of orthodontic services and information to assist you in providing high quality, professional dental care.

We offer you quality orthodontic appliances, unmatched service and a commitment to serving the dental profession. Our web site details some of the ways Ordont Orthodontic Lab can serve you.

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