Moshe Mizrachi, CDT

Owner at Mizrachi Dental Lab

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Moshe Mizrachi graduated as a mechanical engineer in Israel, but later began his career in dental technology in 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. He opened Mizrachi Dental Lab in 1980 and applied his knowledge of mechanical engineering in the pursuit of improving dental restorative materials to be compatible with natural enamel. As a result of his research and development in the field of restorative material, Moshe was selected to be a consultant to major dental manufacturers, such as Kerr Corp and Jeneric Pentron. In addition, he was involved in several studies of dental material with CRA and Dental Advisor. Moshe has been extensively speaking on the topic of dental restorative materials nationally and internationally in a variety of settings, from the University of Santiago D’Kali in Colombia to the Australian Dental Association, to Puerto Alegre University in Brazil. He was a keynote speaker at the Israeli Dental Association yearly meeting. Moshe was a lecturer for third and fourth year dental students at The Ohio State University College of Denstistry on the topic of fibers and indirect composites as viable alternatives to ceramic. He holds a fellowship from the Academy of Facial Esthetic. Moshe is a member of AACD. In 1998, Moshe opened the door to the Columbus Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry, a pedagogical institute for the dissemination of the latest information in technological and material advances in dentistry. Since its inception, the Columbus Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry has been a leading center in providing CE courses, attracting dentists from all over the nation and the world. Over the past few years Moshe has focused on developing a cosmetic solution to invasive dental procedures. As such, he has found new composite materials that perform as well as natural enamel in wearability, hardness, luster and resisting stain. Moshe is passionate and committed to the science of dental material and to education in this area.