Harold Ingmire

Director, Human Resources at Whip Mix Corp.

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I have worked in manufacturing environment my entire, career, and find the rapid pace of Dental Lab and Dental Technology fascinating and the pace at which Dental professionals have to learn and grow both technically and professionally to keep up. My father-in-law was the original founder/owner of Tincher Dental Labs in Charleston WV for almost 40 years and was well aware of Whip Mix products and reputation when I started here in 1997.

I have had the privilege of working for Whip Mix Corporation since 1997 and the privilege of meeting the diverse world of dental professionals, and the efforts it takes for dental professionals to keep up with the rapidly changing dental lab technology.

Please take a long look at our website, www.whipmix.com and join the Whip Mix Facebook account for regular updates about Whip Mix and seeing a side of Whip Mix you may not know.

We have a talented and dedicated workforce in every area of our company focused on providing our industry with great products and service. I am a little biased, but Whip Mix is a great place to work!