Ras'Julian Athill, CDT

Denture/Removable Technician & Valplast Specialist at Athill's Denture Repair Laboratory

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Creating Functional Smiles

• Trained in Same Day Dentures and working hand in hand with the Dentist in the Operatory Room to establish an esthetically and functionally pleasing Smile.

• Experience in using hand drills, wax carvers, high heat furnaces and precision instruments with all types of materials. Experienced in pouring, pinning, casting, metal finishing of copings and metal framework.

• Prosthodontics: Made dentures bases with occlusal rims, set up dentures and immediate dentures, designed and constructed stay plates and instant temporary full and partial dentures, performed denture re-lines and repairs. Have also flasked, boiled out, packed and cured, as well as finished and polished full dentures.

• Also, trained in using a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and aesthetic properties “Valplast-Flexible Partials.” that provides unlimited design versatility and eliminates the concern about acrylic allergies.

• Notwithstanding the training from CDM Dental Instructor: Kris Schermerhorn CDT, in Dur Acetal and Dura Flex courses on their tooth color conventional appliances.