Michael Cohn

Owner at MC Reusable Articulators

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Is this the best articulator for scanning? Glueless articulator clicks on and off models for scanning in a second, thumbwheel corrects wrong articulation on the fly. Totally reusable and costs less than disposables.

Taking the disposable system to the next level, we created the worlds first hybrid plastic articulator that's readjustable, reusable, glueless and only needs replacement tips (what we call sleeves) embedded in stone, not the whole articulator. The goal of our easily detachable system was just easier surveying in the hand, interchangeability with precision articulators (with magnets) and the ability to limit the amount of plastic that could not be recovered conveniently. Accidentally however, this easy detachability is perfect for scanning. Just a push of a finger disconnects the tip from the articulator. A simple push reconnects after scanning and without glue, without tools - and unlike other systems, without having to reset the bite again. Wrong articulation is changed on the fly with the turn of a thumb wheel - again without glue or tools. The system doesn't just save time and money, it enhances doctor's experience - if they think the bite is wrong, they can change it. If it was correct, it can be changed back again - without returns, without frustration. Your lab becomes a convenience leader to your customer because you use our System. Give it a try and compare. See how much easier it is to set, change, disconnect and reconnect with the MC Articulator System. 99% made in Europe, 100% made in USA. Family owned since 2003.