John Stipek, CDT

Managing Director at Bio-CAM, LC

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John Stipek, CDT An applied science honors graduate of Milwaukee Academy, Mr. Stipek is Managing Director, Having served on the editorial boards of three dental journals, Mr. Stipek presents, teaches, consults and has been a frequent contributor of articles on business, marketing and technologies management in dentistry.

Graduated with honors from Milwaukee Academy in 1967. A focused yet broad career began for me in a brief work experience with prominent Chicago gnathologist, Dr. Milton Sondel. Then, the Vietnam draft lead to U.S. Air Force medic service. Stationed in Denver, at Lowry AFB Area Lab, developed technical skills, passed the NBC exam in C&B, began research activities in stereographic analogue instrument systems - Honorable USAF E5. Founded first business, IDS Lab in Bloomington, IL, specializing in instrument and reconstructive lab services (1971-80). Designed and built articulating systems that were utilized in successful clinical and lab trials. Relocated to New York to work with a Rochester based lab group. Formed consulting service to U.S. labs and companies out of East Amherst. Working with Productivity Training Corp licensed labs, I became a PTC Facilitator in 1983. Did one-day programs for dentists and techs on Restorative Apps of Dental Implants. Founded kb Medical Systems in 1988, a pioneering firm for knowledge-based expert systems in implant and general restorative dentistry. Applied for and secured U.S. FDA Premarket Approval for a root-form Morse-taper dental implant system. Aligning these activities with two group practices and two full-service labs, consulted to a Stuart lab and managed Lake Park Lab in West Palm Beach (1989-2002). In 1992 trialed the DCS scan-to-mill system. In 2001 trialed and purchased German made Wol-Ceram EPD system. Founded Bio-CAM, provided core services to U.S. labs, and began improving the process. Built practical prototypes, integrated fabricating processes, delivered product, and applied for patents. Have served on the Editorial Boards of Modern Dental Lab Journal, Trends and Techniques, and The NADL Journal of Dental Technology. Am a frequent contributor of articles on business, marketing and technologies management in dentistry. My wife and I have been married for 32 years and have two wonderful, educated, motivated and healthy adult boys.