Peter Pizzi, MDT

Owner/Manager at Pizzi Dental Studio

  • November
  • Nov8-9
    Ceramic: Light & Design

    Pizzi Dental Studio

    Hands-On Course Description: In this two day hands-on course Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT will use natural teeth and photos to discuss proper layering with metal ceramics while creating an understanding of how to translate what we see in nature into our restorations. Peter will show you how to create a working...

    Staten Island, NY
    Nov 8-9
  • Nov15-16
    Implants: The Pink and White

    Pizzi Dental Studio

    Hands-On Course Description: Implants are not only the fastest growing segment in dentistry they are also the least price sensitive and most immune to off-shore competitors. In fact, many dental laboratories continue to see robust demand for implant-supported restorations and many also believe that a...

    Staten Island, NY
    Nov 15-16
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