JP (Mac) Perry, CDT

Dental Technician at First Impression Dental Lab

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An Experienced and Ethical Dental Laboratory Technician

I joined the United States Military in November 1972. I was then tested in several categories for aptitude and given some choices of job preferences, one being a specialty in dental technology. I completed my specialty education at Sheppard A.F.B. August 1973 and assigned to McKowan A.D.L. Wilford Hall Medical Center. I requested to complete my duties as a soldier and began my education to obtain a Baccalaureate degree from the U.T. in San Antonio Texas. After obtaining my degree I was able to find employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When I returned home I worked seven years at one dental office and subsequently a second dental office for twenty years. I am now performing family duties, assisting my wife in taking care of my mother-in-law full time in her home. I hope to someday return to my profession after I have obtained a certificate in the discipline of implant restorations.

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