Le'Jon Meteer, CDT

Owner/ Digital Technical Consultant /Educational Trainer/ Lecturer at Axiom Aesthetics Design Studio

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Le’Jon Meteer CDT (Ortho, Ceramics, C&B), 23 years of experience formerly employed as a Technical Advisor/ education & training instructor with the Argen Corp. And currently lab owner: Axiom Aesthetics Design Studio Fallbrook CA.

Le’Jon Meteer, CDT Le’Jon Meteer graduated in 1993 from The Naval School of Dental Assisting and Technology in San Diego California as an Advanced Naval Dental Laboratory Technician. With over 23 years of technical expertise, Le’Jon has worked in dental laboratories ranging from a small 2 person laboratory aboard the USS Kitty Hawk to the Navy’s largest production laboratory in Norfolk Virginia. Over the past 10 years Le’Jon has been the Laboratory supervisor in 4 separate Naval Dental laboratories, modernizing and streamlining processes to keep Navy Prosthodontics on par with their civilian counter parts. During his Naval career Le’Jon found time to work as a ceramist in various high end boutique civilian laboratories from the East to the West coast. Known for his artistic aesthetics and progressive teaching style, Le’Jon is a well rounded technician that earned his CDT in Orthodontics in 2000 and recently earned his second CDT certification in Ceramics in 2012 and third CDT in C&B in 2013 through the National Board for Certification. Always striving for knowledge in the Dental laboratory industry, Le’Jon has been PTC certified since 2003. In 2005 Le’Jon established a small aesthetic focused laboratory in Fallbrook California which operated for over seven years. May 2012 Le’Jon retired from the United States Navy after 20 years of honorable service. Le’Jon was formerly employed for over 2 years as the Digital Technical Advisor/ education and Training instructor for the Argen Corporation and is currently owner of Axiom Aesthetics Design Studio in Fallbrook CA.  Le'Jon also is a CAD/CAM consultant and has recently accepted a full time position with BEGO USA as the Vice President of Digital Technical Services and Development.

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