Richard Napolitano

Owner at Precision Craft Dental Lab/PCDL

Articles in LMT Magazine
  • November 2012
  • Ryan Napolitano: Takes 'Mom and Pop' to State of the Art

    To say Ryan Napolitano made some changes to his father's laboratory is an understatement. In 2003, Precision Craft was a 17-person, "mom-and-pop" operation in a 3,500-sq-ft space. Today, it has doubled in size—in terms of staff and dentist-clients—and operates in a $3.4 million, 14,000-sq-ft facility.

    "When I came aboard, it was still very much the lab I had grown up in," says Ryan, who worked in the lab since age 10 and formally joined in 2003 after earning a degree in communications and marketing. "Everything was run on a day-to-day basis; work came in, work went out. There was no...

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