Stefano De Fraia, MDT

Owner/President at DeFraia Dental Studio, Inc./In Situ Dental Studio, inc

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Successfully completed his five year program as Dental Technician at the Giacomo Casanova and Eugenio Montale in Naples Italy

Biography: Between 1987 and 1992, Stefano De Fraia Frangipane, successfully completed his five year program as Dental Technician at the Eugenio Montale in Naples Italy. During his last two years of school he had the opportunity to work as an apprentice in one of the most renowned dental laboratories of south Italy where he started understanding proper Treatment Planning, Diagnostic Evaluation and Temporarization. After several years of dedication on this basics and fundamental knowledge, soon after receiving his degree he was officially employed and became more involved in complex applications like designing and fabricating proper frameworks, metal ceramic rehabilitation and understanding more about metallurgy. He follows the school of Poltz, Schulz to mention a few, in regards to the harmony of the biomechanical balance of the human Masticatory system, function and equilibrium. After several more years of collaboration with other private practices in Italy, he relocated to Seattle, Washington USA where he had the great opportunity to work with an elite group of clinicians lead by Professor Richard V. Tucker. After collaborating with a small group of Professionals in Seattle he decided to move his Laboratory in Boca Raton Florida where he became more involved with another incredible group of dentist and one of the most active of The Seattle Study Group lead by Professor and Maxillo Facial Surgeon Stephen Rimer participating in the treatment planning of Orthognatic cases, full mouth rehabilitation, implants telescopic fixed and removable prosthetics and other complex dental appliances. Mr Stefano De Fraia Frangipane is today the owner of De Fraia Dental Studio in Boca Raton Florida.