Michael Lomax, CDT

President at Reliable Arts Dental Lab

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Lab Owner Reliable Arts Dental Lab San Jose, Costa Rica 10 years. Lab Manager Smith Sterling Dental Lab Cartago, Costa Rica 7 years. Lab Owner Sunshine Dental Ceramics Miami, Florida 10 years. Lab Manager Glidewell Dental Lab Orange, California 5 years.

Opening a new concept for outsourcing this year which will be launched at the FDLA show May 6th and 7th in Orlando. Laboratories will be able to create an exit strategy by oursourcing to our facility in beautiful Costa Rica. We are offering a unique opportunity for lab owners that are not large enough for aquisition to get in on the aquisition revolution in the dental lab industry today. If you are tired of being overlooked because of your size and you are wondering how you can cash out we could be your answer. We can provide you with a desk here in our lab so that you can manage your lab from here with our talented English speaking techs and our state of the art digital facility here in paradise. If you are interested in more details contact me at mike@mlomax.com. We are the Lab's Lab.