Roy Robertson

Dental Technician at Dental Studio

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I am very Particular about the quality of work I produce

I have been in the business since I graduated from the Dental Technician School in DC in 1969. I take pride in the superior quality of my work and always meeting deadlines. I continue my education to keep up with the newest technology. I have a great reputation in the business for my work and communication skills. I enjoy what I do and couldn't imagine doing anything else. I like to help others as a coach to teach them the techniques I have mastered. I previously owned my own lab for many years, worked within other labs and with groups of Dentists who operated an in house lab. I care about the entire team I work with both professionally and personally.I love my profession so much I want to work until I am at least 100!!! The lab I was working with just closed the doors here so I am open to local offers here in Cincinnati. I have great references as well as letters of recommendation. Feel free to email me for my resume at