Kim Van Hook

Secretary/Treasurer at Van Hook Dental Studio

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Kim Van Hook is the co-founder of Van Hook Dental Studio. She has co-owned and led the business alongside her husband Don Van Hook for over 30 years. She started her career as a graduate of Bryman Medix School in Maryland, where she worked as a certified dental assistant for renowned prosthodontists. After moving to Arizona, she trained as a dental technician for nine years while creating and developing systems and procedures vital to growing her business. Her knowledge in dental operatory procedures and dental laboratory procedures has complimented communication between the laboratory and dental office. In this ever-changing industry she continually works to streamline procedures and develop Van Hook Dental Studio’s information technology. She has been published in JDT magazine and lectures on the use of a dental laboratory management software system. In addition to her passion for dental technology she is an active mother of two. She enjoys decorating, traveling and exercising