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  • Benefits of Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
    Argen Corp. · San Diego, CA

    Do you know the benefits of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) over traditional waxing and casting? SLM offers...See more

  • How many of you are milling Emax? I know, it is cheaper to print/mill wax & press, but considering moving...See more — tagged IPS E.max

  • I believe it works something like this;
    -Scan a physical model or accept a virtual model created by a...See more

  • Check out our latest video: Glenn DuPont DDS, demonstrates different types of bite registration techniques...See more — tagged Wax

  • Understanding scanning and milling is only a piece of the CAD CAM puzzle. Learn the chemistry and physical...See more — tagged CAD/CAM Scanning And Milling

  • Whip Mix Corp. · Louisville, KY

    Understanding scanning and milling is only a piece of the CAD CAM puzzle. Familiarization with milling...See more

  • Jason Gleason · Senior Product Specialist at YES! Dental Laboratory

    Looking for a good wax for diagnostic wax up cases. We've been using Proline by Vacalon which I find...See more

  • Florentino Barron, CDT · Owner/President at Barron's Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Does anyone know of a facility that is processing partial frames using a scanner and outsourcing the...See more

    The ROI Factor
    Bob Cohen, CDT · Jun 06, 2012

    Hi, Being a reseller of CAD CAM equipment we have found it to be very interesting that many decision makers in dental labs want help figuring out if it's the right time to buy. From a business perspective it's all about return on...

  • To all of you my fellow partners in the Dental field, is a reality that the speed we are running with...See more

  • Scott Smith · Dental Technician at Professional Restorations

    When casting noble bridges metal occ. Or linguals I seem to get porosity near sprue attachments. Using...See more

  • about Connectors

    Does anyone know how the shape of connectors for 3 unit PFM bridge be? especially teeth

    from #24...See more

  • Dan O'Rourke, CDT · Owner/President at O'Rourke Dental Studio

    A new client of mine who has decided to make an educational commitment to be among the top 1 percent...See more

  • Brad Roche, CDT · Owner/Manager at Roche Dental Laboratory Ltd.

    We are looking for a sure fire way to keep cast bridges from rocking. We've tried wax, and Zap-It. ...See more

  • SLM(Selective Laser Melting) is the topmost cad/cam manufacture technology. It is the innovation compared...See more — tagged CAD/CAM

  • Colleen Fox · Accounting/Purchasing Agent at Verch Dental Ceramics

    BEGO NAUTILUS CC PLUS Induction casting machine. Excellent condition, barely used. Includes Bego’s...See more — tagged 5 usersTom Turntine, CDT
    Christopher Verch, RG
    Carla Miller
    Stephanie Douglas, CDT
    Joe Fincher

  • Working Times

    Does anyone have a time study or production standards for all tasks required to produce a fixed restoration?...See more

  • Michel Magne · Master Ceramist at 901 Oral Design

    901-Michel Magne

    29-30 Germany, Stuttgart with ANAXDENT (Lecture + Hands-on)

    13-14 ...See more

  • I, personally, would love it. Logistically, it does kind of seem like a nightmare, though. I started...See more

  • Jose Walter · Owner at Bam! Dental Products

    I should just stick to one topic...but that would take too long to let all the replies to trickle in.

    LMT...See more

  • Bill Matwijec, CDT · Owner at Aesthetic Dental Lab

    I have a question . I am doing mail order work for one dentist. I did work for him last year and one...See more

  • Kent Kuentzel, CDT · Supervisor at Great White Dental Lab

    We are looking for a waxer and a ceramist at Great White Dental Lab in Santa Maria, Cal. If you are interested
    please...See more

  • Kara Black, CDT · Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Center for Functional & Aesthetic Facial Surgery

    My Professional Journey...
    I suppose we’ve all asked ourselves, at one time or another, how we ended...See more

  • Patrick Eschenfelder · Dental Technician at Esthetic Touch Lab (Outsourcing)

    Have a Good Day ! Patrick These were designed with Belle De St. Claire Sculpture wax and Renfert Crow Wax!

  • Teresa Lentz · Dental Technician at DPS Dental Lab

    Hi everyone I am new to this group,,,I have been a crown and bridge technician in Illinois for over 10...See more

  • The staff at LMT just received this wonderful holiday poem from Mike Saunders, Saunders Dental Laboratory...See more

  • Troy Staten, CDT · Owner/C&B Manager at Loveland Dental Arts

    anyone have any references or are willing to share there allocation % by steps ie: model, wax, finish,porc.

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