Social Media

  • The Internet Revolution

    Maribeth Marsico · 30 Memorable Moments · Industry News · Feb 2014

    In its infancy, laboratory owners didn’t immediately see the internet’s application to their business. However, in the past 15 years, the number of laboratories with internet access has tripled,...See more

  • On the Road Again!

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · Marketing · Oct 2013

    This Fall I’m heading to the great state of Arizona for a couple of months and I’m hoping to meet some laboratory owners while I’m there. I’m also hoping I can make some stops during...See more

  • Social Media: a Marketing Approach That's Here to Stay

    Kim Molinaro · 20+ Digital Marketing Strategies · Marketing · Oct 2013

    It's time to get involved in social media: it's free, it's easy, and more and more of your competitors are doing it.

  • How to Maximize Your Website, Email and Online Advertising Efforts

    Robert Gitman · 20+ Digital Marketing Strategies · Industry News · Oct 2013

    When it comes to marketing, more laboratories are going digital to reach dentists: they’re building websites, using social media, advertising online and phasing out printed marketing pieces in favor of digital ones.

  • Whip Mix Corp.: Supporting Labs in Transition to Digital Realm

    Kelly Fessel Carr · Industry News · Sep 2013

    A year ago, Whip Mix Corp. promoted its Vice President of Manufacturing, Jim Myers, to President of the company, succeeding Allen Steinbock, the grandson of Whip Mix Founder Edmund Steinbock, Sr. This...See more

  • Social Media Platforms Ask Dental Patients to Consider "What's in Their Mouths"

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · September 05, 2013

    Tallahassee, Fla. Dental patients have more to worry about than flossing and brushing daily—the restorations they put in their mouths have a direct impact on their overall health. As a result, the...See more

  • NADL Launches New Social Media Platforms to Address Public Awareness

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · August 01, 2013

    The National Association of Dental Laboratories is pleased to announce the launch of two new social media outlets that will serve as the foundation of NADL's ongoing public awareness campaign to address...See more