Partial Dentures

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    Aspen Dental

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    Tools / Services

    As a lab technician at ASPEN DENTAL, you can work with the best tools and equipment to perfect your craft. Create high-quality full and partial dentures...

    CFS Dental Flexible Partial System


    CFS DENTAL manufactures materials and equipment for fabricating flexible partials and full dentures. CFS Dental flexible partial dentures are comfortable,...

    CFS Injection System


    From CFS DENTAL, CFS flexible is a complete injection system for fabricating unbreakable flexible partial dentures. The material offers excellent physical...



    Eclipse® light curing materials provide customers with a premium denture base material that is free of sensitizing monomers. Suitable for full and...

    Enigma Premium Denture Teeth

    Product (Dentures)

    AMERICAN DENTAL SUPPLY's Enigma Premium Denture Teeth are made using advanced tooling and precise computer-control of multiple color layers to reproduce...

    EOSINT M 270

    Digital Fabrication

    EOS ELECTRO OPTICAL SYSTEMS’ EOSINT M 270 is an established additive manufacturing material for removable partial dentures. The material’s fine powder...



    The MYERSON FlexPress injects a wide variety of thermoplastic appliances, including flexible partial dentures, clasps, unilaterals and temporaries. Use...



    LINCOLN DENTAL SUPPLY'€™s Itsoclear allows you to produce and repair an esthetic clasp in less than four minutes. The material is non-abrasive and easily...

    Preci-Sagix Attachment


    PREAT CORP.'s new Preci-Sagix attachment for removable partial dentures and overdenture bars are available in 1.7-mm and 2.2-mm males in plastic and prefabricated...


    Tools / Services

    Prident is our cost effective, high quality lab service enabling a customer to affordably expand their offering through a full complement of customized...

    Primobase Baseplates


    Primobase high-strength baseplates by PRIMOTEC are ideal for bite registration, set-up and try-in of full and partial dentures. With a thickness of only...



    DENMAT's Snap-It! Appliance—a patented, removable appliance for a quadrant of six units or less—is now available for resale by selected laboratories....

    Sterngold Implant System


    The Sterngold Implant System offers flexible implant options for stabilizing overdentures and partial dentures. The user-friendly system features four...



    Premium and standard partial Dentures

    Valplast® Flexible Partials


    Valplast Flexible Partials offer performance, esthetics and longevity over conventional metal-based partial dentures. VALPLAST INTERNATIONAL has embraced...

    Weldenz Dental Resin


    From UNIX JAPAN GROUP, Weldenz is a strong, moldable dental resin with high resistance to impact, making it virtually unbreakable. It’s non-abrasive...


    With the Precise-Fit baseplate, dentures by VALPLAST can now be designed and blocked-out from any digital scan or .stl file and output to a unique printed...

    Sunflex® Partial Dentures


    Sunflex Partial Dentures from SUN DENTAL LABS are lightweight, flexible, practically invisible and comfortable. The metal-free partial comes in a range...

    Tetra Dynamics Cast Partials

    Fabricated in its NY facility, TETRA DYNAMICS’ custom-made cast partials offer comfort, strength and stability. The lab’s CDTs survey each...

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