Direct Sales and Marketing Services

    AMERICASMILES’ Direct Sales and Marketing Services create marketing resources and connect labs to dentists by calling and setting up appointments...

    Glidewell Laboratories

    GLIDEWELL LABORATORIES offers several opportunities for growing your lab, including becoming an Authorized BruxZir™ Lab, Inclusive® Certified...

    Evident Lab Management Software


    EVIDENT dental lab management software is a web-based system that offers exception reporting; production management; integrated fax, e-mail and texting;...

    Evident Management System


    EVIDENT is a web-based laboratory management system that offers billing and invoicing; comprehensive production management; fax, email and texting; internal...

    Iodis Digital Impression System

    Digital Fabrication

    CLŌN 3D's IODIS is an open architecture, intra-oral digital impression scanner. The portable system connects to a laptop computer and can scan natural...

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