LAB DAY Chicago 2015
Feb 27-28, 2015
Chicago, IL
LAB DAY West 2015
Saturday May 2, 2015
Garden Grove, CA
LAB DAY East 2015
Saturday Sep 19, 2015
Atlantic City, NJ
  • February
  • Juvora to be at LAB DAY Chicago with Panthera Dental
    Industry News · Panthera Dental · Feb 17, 2014

    The JUVORATM Dental Disc, intended for use in full and partial removable dentures and implant overdentures, uses only the purest biomaterial sourced from Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, the pioneer and global leader in PEEK-based biomaterial solutions.  Today, this biomaterial is used in more than four million implanted medical devices worldwide.  To learn more about the JUVORATM Dental Disc and the history of this proven biomaterial, please stop by the Panthera Dental booth (#906)  to meet a member of the JUVORA team. Friday: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to noon

  • July 2013
  • 2nd Candulor Art of Denture Competition Announced
    Miscellaneous · Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. · Jun 06, 2013

    Since 2001, Candulor AG has organized the KunstZahnWerk® , "Art of Denture" Competition culminating with awards and participants' cases being presented at the IDS in Cologne (Germany). In 2012, Candulor USA held the 1st North American "Art of Denture" Competition with technicians from the US and Canada participating. All finished cases were presented in Chicago during 2012 LMT Lab Day. All submitted incredible work, with Arian Deutsch (Surprise, AZ) placing 1st in the Overall category (see case pictured above) and Jack Edwards (Fullerton, CA) placing 1st in the digital documentation category. Now...

  • April 2013
  • CAP Named Among the Top 2012 Performing Resellers For Roland DGA Dental Products
    Industry News · Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) · Apr 03, 2013

    CAP is honored to announce that in December we were named among the Top Performing Resellers for Roland DGA Dental Products of 2012. CAP's CEO, Rob Nazzal, was presented with a plaque during this year's LAB DAY Chicago by Roland DGA's Glenn Kennedy. This award comes as recognition of CAP's dedication to providing the best in equipment and training to dental labs across the U.S. CAP is a reseller of the Roland DWX-50, a dental specific 5-axis milling machine. To learn more about the Roland DWX-50 milling machine please visit: or call 877-977-7889.

  • March 2013
  • Nobel Biocare Launches New Third-party CAD/CAM Abutments, Implant Bars; Announces New Scanner and 3Shape™ Partnership
    Industry News · Nobel Biocare USA · Mar 06, 2013

    • New options for NobelProcera® Abutments on Biomet 3i™, Camlog® and Zimmer® implant platforms • More restorative flexibility with NobelProcera® Implant Bars on Straumann® implant platforms • Announcing direct access to unrivaled products with upcoming NobelProcera® 2G Scanner • New partnership with 3Shape™ will offer open access to NobelProcera® Abutments • Expert LMT panel discussion and industry-leading speakers focus on major lab and CAD/CAM topics Nobel Biocare presents its latest innovations in dental implant-based CAD/CAM solutions in...

  • February 2013
  • DENTSPLY at Chicago 2013
    Industry News · DENTSPLY Prosthetics · Feb 27, 2013

    We hope that everyone had a great time in Chicago this year. We were glad to see so many people join us during Lab Day for our technical courses and hands-on demonstrations in the Sheraton, Mayfair room. For those who attended the CDS Mid-winter show, thank you for stopping by the DENTSPLY Prosthetics booth in the McCormick Center. As revealed in Chicago, later this year we will be introducing CAD/CAM Material Options For All-Ceramic and Non-Precious Alloy. Stay tuned to The Bridge for more details!

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  • Sirona's InLab SW 4.2
    Product News · Sirona Dental, Inc. · Feb 07, 2013

    Sirona's inLab SW 4.2 The power of innovation from Sirona continues with its introduction of the new inLab SW 4.2 at this year's LMT LAB DAY Chicago. Come and see how features like virtual articulation, enhanced smile design and expanded in-house implant applications, just to name a few, continue to set you apart from your competition and improve your digital restorative offerings. The virtual articulation feature of the new inLab SW 4.2 allows you to set your Bennett angle within a range of 5° to 25° and your Sagittal plane from 15° to 45°, etc. If no data is provided by...

  • January 2013
  • LAB DAY Attendees: Help Straumann Raise Funds For Sandy Hook School
    Industry News · Straumann USA · Jan 22, 2013

    On behalf of every attendee who participates in a Straumann product demo at LAB DAY Chicago, the company will make a $10 donation to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The fund supports the families and community of the 20 first graders and six adults who were killed by a gunman at the Newtown, CT elementary school in December. "Straumann regularly drives charitable donations at its larger trade shows and, at LAB DAY, we wanted to honor the Sandy Hook tragedy and LMT's hometown," says Valerie Andren, Manager, Marketing Communications. This year's demos focus on the company's new CARES System 8.0...

  • Objet 3D Printing Systems by Stratasys
    Product News · Stratasys, Ltd. · Jan 03, 2013

    STRATASYS provides state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that help labs reap the maximum benefits from digital dentistry. 3D printing helps you better plan and execute your digital dental workflow so your clients immediately notice the difference in quality and turnaround.

  • CAD/CAM Education, Support and Milling Services
    Product News · Americana Dental and Technology Company · Jan 03, 2013

    AMERICANA DENTAL provides continuing education and technical support for all phases of CAD/CAM design and milling. It services and offers training on all of its products, which include: Imes Icore, Roland and MasterMill milling machines; 3Shape, Smart Optics and Delcam scanners; Nabertherm Sintering Ovens; and U.S.-made Talladium zirconia, milling tools, wax and PMMA pucks. It also has a milling center for labs; it offers very competitive pricing and highly translucent full contour zirconia is a specialty.

  • Comprehensive Digital Dentistry Solution
    Product News · Zimmer Dental · Jan 02, 2013

    ZIMMER DENTAL, in partnership with Zfx GmbH, is now distributing Zfx open platform laboratory scanners, CAD software and custom milled components in the U.S. and in select global markets.  For streamlined operation and simplicity, each component of the Zfx system is linked together by an internet portal that integrates the digitized patient data and facilitates the flow of information from the clinician to the lab to a Zfx milling center (the U.S. milling center is located in Carlsbad, CA). The company offers customized restorations as well as implants.

  • Digital Solutions
    Product News · Zahn Dental · Jan 02, 2013

    ZAHN DENTAL offers a full range of digital solutions to scan, prescribe, design, manufacture and finalize restorations. Its end-to-end solution includes Dental Wings Scanners, DDX Dental Digital Exchange, EnvisionTec 3D printing, milling/outsourcing and final restoration options. Its CMC business-to-business partner offers extensive material options and can scan, design and mill for you. Noritake’s full line of porcelain now includes CZR value shades. Zahn is hosting lectures, hands-on courses and training throughout LAB DAY and is launching Zirlux Universal, one system for all zirconia indications.

  • CAD/CAM Supplies
    Product News · TD Dental Suppy, Inc. · Jan 02, 2013

    TD DENTAL SUPPLY offers a full line of CAD/CAM products including zirconia, PMMA, milling waxes, sintering beads and more. Visit the company at LMT LAB DAY for free samples.

  • CAP Complete
    Product News · Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) · Jan 02, 2013

    CAP is now offering a fully integrated, open architecture CAD/CAM solution. This system includes 3Shape, the award-winning Roland DWX50 and SUM3D. In addition, CAP has incorporated its proprietary, anatomic library which enables high-end tooth forms using a 0.3mm tool milling strategy for high-definition milled anatomical forms, as well as CAP's best-in-class, highly translucent, award-winning CAP FZ │ Full Zirconia. The CAP Complete solution comes with full training and support.

  • December 2012
  • Uhler Denture Teeth
    Product News · Uhler Dental Supply, Inc. · Dec 28, 2012

    UHLER DENTAL SUPPLY INC. offers personal service and discount prices on a full line of denture products, including six lines of quality acrylic teeth. Premium teeth include UhlerDent, Odipal (see photo) and UhlerPlus. Economy teeth include Ortolux-Top, Reveal and Uhler. The company also sells the quality line of Ceraform porcelain teeth and privately labeled denture acrylic, waxes, lab stone and more.

  • Denture Teeth
    Product News · Pearson Dental · Dec 28, 2012

    PEARSON DENTAL introduces Naturadent Vacuum Fired Porcelain Teeth available in VITA and New Hue Shades and NaturaTone 3-Layer Plastic Teeth in New Hue Shades. At LAB DAY, the company is also exhibiting hard and wear-resistant Premium Star Plus 4 Layer Plastic Teeth in VITA shades and bleach shade; stop by its exhibit table for show specials.

  • Laboratory Solutions
    Product News · Kerr Corp. · Dec 28, 2012

    KERR offers a comprehensive line of application-specific separators, surfactants, die lubricants and solvents available in easy-to-use, 8-oz spray bottles and 32-oz refills. Debubblizer and Vacufilm surface-reducing agents allow investment to flow uniformly around the pattern. Super-Sep separator allows plaster, stone and investment to be poured against it. Laboratory Solitine solvent is designed for cleaning and finishing wax patterns. Microfilm water soluble die lubricant allows you to remove a wax pattern without distortion.

  • Dental Casting Equipment
    Product News · Glowtester Tech/Ecco High Frequency · Dec 28, 2012

    ECCO HIGH FREQUENCY/GLOWTESTER TECHNOLOGIES offers a full line of U.S.-made equipment including centrifugal and vacuum casting machines, electropolish units, duplicating machines and burnout furnaces. It services all models of equipment and offers ceramic crucibles for both induction and torch casting machines.

  • Materials and Supplies
    Product News · Harris Discount Supply · Dec 28, 2012

    HARRIS DISCOUNT SUPPLY, known for its discounted equipment from over 100 manufacturers, is now offering a wide range of materials and supplies. After recently relocating to the Chicago area, the company inventories thousands of items ready for same-day shipping and houses a full repair shop with mechanical and electrical engineers on staff.

  • Products from Dentaurum
    Product News · Dentaurum · Dec 28, 2012

    DENTAURUM offers a variety of products including: CCS Compact Ceramic System®, a bonding ceramic for standard alloys; Carmen®, a bonding ceramic for highly esthetic results; Ticeram®, a bonding ceramic for zirconium and titanium; biocompatible and economical non-precious alloys for crowns, bridges and frameworks; a large range of reliable, high-definition investment material; residue-free waxes and plastic forms; and high quality hydrocolloid.

  • Heraeus Kulzer Mondial® Tooth Line
    Product News · Silcox Dental Supply · Dec 28, 2012

    Available from SILCOX DENTAL SUPPLY, Heraeus Kulzer Mondial teeth are suitable for implant and traditional prosthetics and offer translucency and an enhanced incisal edge. The teeth blend easily with remaining dentition and have multiple layers of dentin and enamel for a natural effect. The three-dimensional multi-layering technique produces a blended, translucent enamel normally found only in natural teeth.

  • Denture Teeth and Lab Supplies
    Product News · Atlanta Dental Supply · Dec 28, 2012

    ATLANTA DENTAL SUPPLY carries Trubyte, Heraeus, Ivoclar and Starlight brand teeth. The company offers low prices, same-day shipping for next-day arrival anywhere in the U.S., and experienced customer service agents.

  • Mills, Burs, Handpieces and Diamonds
    Product News · Mastercut Tool Corp. · Dec 28, 2012

    MASTERCUT TOOL CORP., ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of dental burs for more than 25 years, offers a wide variety of performance coatings to meet your needs. New this year: the EuroCut bur series and the TriCut bur. The company also sells laboratory handpieces and lathe carbide burs, both standard and special.

  • Lang Dental Acrylics and Equipment
    Product News · Lang Dental Mfg. Co., Inc. · Dec 28, 2012

    LANG DENTAL MFG., best known for the Jet brand of cold-curing acrylic resins, introduces Novus Definitive Resilient Denture Liner, a lab-processed permanent liner that won’t lose resiliency and promotes better patient fit and comfort. Also available: Jet XR radiopaque acrylic designed for implant cases and radiopaque surgical stents, Aquapres hydraulic pressure-curing unit, three-post ReFlex denture reline jig and the denture duplicator. Dave Lang will be at the Lang Dental table at LAB DAY® to answer questions.

  • Precision Prosthetic Products
    Product News · Diamodent · Dec 28, 2012

    DIAMODENT offers precision prosthetic products for small, standard and wide platforms for the following implant systems: Screw-Vent Zimmer, ITI Straumann, 3i, Branemark, Lifecore, Frialit-2 & Xive and Replace Sterio-Oss. All are manufactured to the tightest tolerances, tested on Instron machines and come with a full lifetime warranty. Free shipping on orders of $150 and up.

  • October 2012
  • DENTSPLY Prosthetics Invites Customers to Pursue "Lab SmarterSM" (2/20/2012)
    Product News · DENTSPLY Prosthetics · Oct 03, 2012

    This year’s Lab Management Today Lab Day Chicago show will be filled with technicians abuzz with news of the latest new products, equipment, services and technologies. Adding to this excitement, the dental laboratory’s long-standing trusted manufacturer, DENTSPLY, will exhibit their newest products that help customers to be more efficient, productive and profitable – “Lab SmarterSM”.

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