American Dental Supply Sensation SL® Low Fusing Ceramic

    Product (Ceramics)

    From AMERICAN DENTAL SUPPLY, Sensation SL is low-fusing, leucite-reinforced glass ceramic made from the same components and with the same coefficient of...

    Aurident Radiance Porcelain


    With Radiance Porcelain from AURIDENT, INC., ceramists achieve realistic restorations with minimum effort. Technicians appreciate Radiance's ease of application,...

    Baker Dental Alloys

    Product (Alloys)

    The Baker line includes over 50 precision-blended alloys and solders in a large assortment of colors and strengths to meet all esthetic needs. Baker produces...

    B&D Technologies ORIGIN® NobleTITAN™


    Replacing Noble and High-noble Alloys

    BEGO Partial Materials and System


    BEGO Partial Materials offer precision fits, delicate designs, strong and resilient clasps and long-lasting luster. The system consists of either BEGO...

    Callisto CP+


    Callisto CP+ is a cobalt-based ceramic alloy containing palladium. The addition CP+ stands for "controlled price" - it does not change with the daily market....

    DT2 and FZ2 Milling Systems

    Digital Fabrication

    DYAMACH SRL offers two five-axis milling machines, ideal for high-precision milling of crowns, bridges, abutments, implants and bars. The compact DT2 is...

    Focus Alloy


    Focus alloy from AURIDENT, INC. offers an economical noble metal PFM solution to the high prices in the precious metals market. Containing 2.5% gold, 70.3%...

    GC Initial IQ


    GC AMERICA's GC Initial IQ-One Body, Layering-Over-Metal concept increases productivity by allowing you to reproduce all 16 standard Vita® shades with...

    GH Gold Casting Alloy


    AURIDENT's GH is a high noble, fine-grain, type III crown and bridge gold alloy containing 52% gold, 0.1% platinum, 8.0% palladium and 21.5% silver. Castings...

    IPS InLine® One


    IVOCLAR VIVADENT's IPS InLine One is a one-layer veneering ceramic compatible with most ceramic-bonded alloys. Using Dentcisal powders—a specially...



    During intraoral try-in, the interior surface of a restoration can be contaminated, causing problems with adhesive cementation. To avoid contamination,...

    LH Gold Casting Alloy


    AURIDENT's LH Gold Casting Alloy is a noble, fine-grain, type III crown and bridge gold alloy containing 20% gold, 20% palladium and 41% silver. Excellent...

    LUKACast S Induction Vacuum-Casting Machine


    Made in Germany, LUKADENT GMBH’s LUKACast S compact benchtop casting machine features a maximum temperature of 2,000°C generated by its 3.5KW generator....

    Nautilus CC Plus


    BEGO USA's fully automatic Nautilus CC Plus—an expanded version of the Nautilus CC—allows you to easily customize your casting time and temperatures....

    Neo Super Cascom Casting Machine


    KDF's Neo Super Cascom is an automatic casting machine that uses a spiral ceramic resistance heater for precise temperature control. It features computer-controlled...

    New Micro-Fiber Discs


    PACIFIC ABRASIVES introduces two new Micro-Fiber reinforced separating discs for alloys, porcelain and zirconia. Both discs are ultra-thin: 22mm. x 0.3mm....

    Noritake EX-3

    The fabrication procedures for NORITAKE SUPER PORCELAIN EX-3 are remarkably easy. Its outstanding features are made possible because of its very fine particle...

    Pearson Dental Supply Pearson II Porcelain


    PEARSON DENTAL SUPPLY's Pearson II Porcelain offers ease of handling and modeling and  immediate, accurate shades with translucency and color depth....

    Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace


    The Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace from WHIP MIX is affordable and designed with cutting-edge technology. It has advanced cycles for IPS e.max®, In-Ceram®,...

    Products From Dentaurum


    DENTAURUM offers a variety of products including: CCS Compact Ceramic System®, a bonding ceramic for standard alloys; Carmen®, a bonding ceramic for...

    Starvest Universal Investment


    EMDIN's Starvest micro-fine, phosphate-bonded universal investment can be used for both standard and rapid burnout, overnight and repeated burnout, ring...



    Premium and standard partial Dentures

    Talladium Luminesse HF Porcelain


    TALLADIUM’s Luminesse HF is a high-fusing porcelain with excellent translucency and color-producing optical properties that mimic natural teeth....

    Titanium & Cobalt Chrome CAD/CAM Blank Discs


    Axsys is proud to offer non-precious metal CAD/CAM Blanks from Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH. From their modern production facilities located at the...

    Vest-All Plus Investment


    MATECH's Vest-All Plus is a consistent investment for all alloys and pressable ceramic systems, including lithium disilicate. It's forgiving in handling—eliminating...

    Vision USA Solera


    The “Injection Precision Cut” grain structure makes Solera from VISION USA a fast-building porcelain for ceramic restorations, including veneers....

    Argen Digital

    ARGEN DIGITAL uses the latest digital technologies to offer a complete range of high-quality restorations with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing,...

    BonaDental Dental Laboratories

    With over 60 years of experience, BONADENT DENTAL LABORATORIES produces quality cast partial frames at an affordable price. Featuring Bego Wironit ($85)...

    Fusion Digital PFMS

    Fusion Laser and Dale Dental - An Unbeatable Combination

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