Melanie Williams, CDT

Lab Owner/Manager Removables Dept at Center for Ceramics

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A rajun tattooed kajun!! Very serious about my job and commitment to my industry!

I have been in this industry for 38 yrs. My first job was VERY hard to get....I fought for it, hard. John Auderer hired me in 1978. Auderer Dental Lab in New Orleans. I have continued the fight for where I am today. With no formal training, only hands on and no mentor, i think I have done pretty good! I am on numerous committees for the NCDLA, ECDL, SCDL. I was just elected to the Board of Directors for the NCDLA, and North Carolina Missions of Mercy. I am very proud to be a CDT!! I worked hard for it. Now I have a place in the industry! Thank you all for being there for me!

Just been inducted into the DTG!!! Yippie!!!!