A small denture lab is quite a statement. Eclipse is a good system .but relies heavely on the knowledge of the Dentist. Todays Dentists unfortunately do not have a lot of knowledge in the art of removeables. It is lucky if they can get a good vertical or centric. You are going to need some type of boil-out to do Dentures. You may bee able to use a steamer. Myerson's Hot Shot is a good product, but it can't be used in every situation. Remember that Denture work is FULL MOUTH Reconstruction. It's Easier to think about a small Denture Lab, than to have a successful Denture Lab. If you do not have the expertise, Then maybe out-sourcing would be a good start,

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I am looking to start a small denture lab for a couple of my C&B accounts. I want to stay away from flasking and boil out tanks, so I'm thinking about using Dentsply's Eclipse system. I would also purchase Meyerson's Hot Shot for clasps. Does anyone have any experience with either system or ideas about other possibilities, thanks.

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Posted May 6, 2014