Sun Dental Labs




    Premium and standard partial Dentures

    SunCast® Metal Frameworks

    SUN DENTAL LABS offers five-day turnaround on SunCast Metal Frameworks at $69 per unit. Constructed of chromium-cobalt partial denture alloy, SunCast Metal...

    SunCast® Premium Frames

    SunCast Premium Frames offer strength, biocompatibility and an ideal fit. Constructed with Vitallium 2000 plus alloy, SunCast Premium Partials are manufactured...

    Sunflex® Partial Dentures


    Sunflex Partial Dentures from SUN DENTAL LABS are lightweight, flexible, practically invisible and comfortable. The metal-free partial comes in a range...

    Suntech® Custom Implant Abutments

    Service (Abutments)

    SunTech Implant Abutments from SUN DENTAL LABS come in titanium, zirconia and hybrid materials, are platform independent and available for all major implant...

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