PREAT PRISM Design and Printing Center

PREAT’s PRISM DESIGN AND PRINTING CENTER uses SLM laser-based technology, which sequentially builds up thin layers of either Grade 23 titanium or CoCr for over 250 platforms of implant suprastructures; users have full design control. Also available are implant overdenture bars with the company’s full line of attachments and fixed detachable bars with design options, including wrap-around bars, full metal intaglio surfaces and metal occlusal. The company’s new restorative solution is the Angled Access Screw Channels, which allow the team to move screw access holes up to 24° in any direction on all implant suprastructures, ideal when screw access holes are in the functional or esthetic zone. Primary bars with friction fit secondary structures are also available in either titanium or CoCR.